Generating the OCL Trace v13.1.4.2

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The OCL tracing option logs direct communication (queries, updates, etc.) with the backend in specified OCI_DEBUG_LOG file. In addition, it also logs the functions/APIs that were invoked. The trace files are generated in the default working directory (oci_log_file_name). If you append the path with a file name (directory path/oci_log_file_name), then the trace files are generated at specific location.

A tracefile is generated for each connection in text file (readable) format.


OCL tracing is disabled by default.

To generate the OCL Trace:

  1. Enable the EDB Client Side tracing for OCL. You can enable the OCL tracing by setting below environment variables:


export OCI_DEBUG_LOG=oci_log_file

  1. Once you have exported the environment variables, execute the application. The OCL trace files are generated in the specified directory.