These use cases show how Pure Storage FlashArray can integrate with your Postgres distribution.

Use Pure Storage FlashArray with Postgres distribution

Pure Storage’s FlashArray provides enterprise-grade availability with all-flash technology. You can use this with your Postgres distribution for uses such as:

  • Volume snapshots
  • Continuous storage replication
  • Synchronous replication, which can provide workload mobility and high availability

What these all provide for your Postgres Distribution are:

  • Database cloning for copies or replication topologies
  • Snapshots for data protection (B&R) with asynchronous replication
  • Continuous replication for near-0 RTO disaster recovery
  • High availability or storage mobility (moving from one array to another non-disruptively) with ActiveCluster

Pure Storage FlashArray can help your Postgres Distribution databases maintain a storage high-availability state with its synchronous replication using the ActiveCluster replication solution. ActiveCluster replication is part of the Purity Solution, which is the software heart of FlashArray. Purity ActiveCluster protects your Postgres distribution databases using an active-active implementation, meaning that it distributes the workload across several nodes in a cluster to keep your data safe and available in case of a failure.

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