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We refer to the EDB Postgres Advanced Server, EDB Postgres Extended Server, and PostgreSQL Server products as a Postgres distribution. The specific distribution type depends on your needs and preferences.

Implementing Pure Storage FlashArray with EDB Postgres Advanced Server, EDB Postgres Extended Server, or PostgreSQL Server requires the following components:

  • An active Postgres distribution
  • Pure Storage FlashArray subscription
  • Additional hardware as described in the Hardware Environment Requirements section of the Pure Storage Best Practices document


  • A running Postgres distribution
  • Linux or Windows file system configuration as defined in the FlashArray Implementation and Best Practices documentation
  • The hardware protocol for your instance
  • The layout defined for mounting the FlashArray volumes

Configuring Pure Storage FlashArray for Postgres distribution

  1. Select your OS (either Windows or Linux) and configure it to your specifications according to the PostgreSQL on FlashArray Implementation and Best Practices document.

  2. Install your preferred Postgres distribution.

  3. Initialize your Postgres distribution.

You can find best practices for Linux and Windows servers for FlashArray at Linux Recommended Settings and Validate Windows Server with Test-WindowsBestPractices Cmdlet, respectively.

Selecting Pure Storage FlashArray hardware environment requirements for Postgres distribution

To access your block storage on Pure Storage FlashArray, you must first define the protocol that's best for your environment and then set up that protocol. The following are the different types of protocols for FlashArray and their requirements.


For more information on these protocols and their requirements, see the PostgreSQL on FlashArray Implementation and Best Practices document.

Note from Pure Storage

The recommendation for volumes from FlashArray is to mount a volume to the following locations with the correct permissions set before installing PostgreSQL:
Microsoft Windows C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\ Permissions - PostgreSQL service account - READ permissions on all directories leading up to the service directory. WRITE permissions are required only on the data directory.
Linux /var/lib/pgsql (Permissions - user postgres, group postgres, drwx------)

For EDB Postgres Advanced Server instances, the volume mount points are as follows:
Windows C:\Program Files/edb/as-"version"
Linux /var/lib/edb/"version"

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