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The Repostor Data Protector for PostgreSQL (RDP) is an integration between EDB Postgres Advanced Server and IBM Spectrum Protect. It enables backup and restore to Spectrum Protect and having WAL logs archived instantly to IBM Spectrum Protect. It also enables backup and restore for the database administrators without the need for them to have Spectrum Protect knowledge. The current version of the RDP uses high-level calls to standard PostgreSQL tools, such as psql, pg_dump, pg_restore, pg_start_backup, and pg_stop_backup.

The RDP supports backup on two levels: database level and instance level. Backup on the database level uses the pg_dump tool.

The backup on the instance level uses file backup of the data_directory and any external tablespace locations. This capability requires activating WAL archiving and setting the archive_command to run the RDP tool logwriter.

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