The current RDP version is a command-line client. You run three commands: postgresbackup, postgresquery, and postgresrestore. The logwriter and logreader tools are called by PostgreSQL during execution of archive_command and restore_command.

The screenshots that follow are examples of daily operation tasks. For details and more examples, see chapter 5 in the RDP User Guide.

Instance-level backup example

Instance-Level Backup

Query of available instance backups on the Spectrum Protect Server example

Query Available Instance Backups

Instance restore example

Instance Restore

Database-level backup example

Database-Level Backup

Query of available backups on the Spectrum Protect Server example

Query of Available Backups

Restore of database-level backup example

Dropping database for visibility only.

Database-Level Backup

Redirected restore of database-level backup example

Redirected Restore

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