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SIB Visions VisionX is a flexible and independent low-code platform, enabling both business users and professional developers to visually develop web, desktop, and native mobile applications quickly. These can be very simple applications that replace paper processes or Excel sheets, easy-to-use forms on ERP systems, dashboards, mobile apps, and even highly complex billing applications, customer portals, or trading systems.

The SIB Visions VisionX low-code platform supports major databases, such as Postgres, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and EDB Postgres Extended Server. SIB Visions VisionX is bundled with a Postgres database and is a low-code platform for Postgres.

SIB Visions VisionX and its Oracle Forms Migration Extension are an efficient solution for semi-automated migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into modern web and mobile applications. Together with an Oracle database to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server migration, it provides a fast, smooth, and reliable Oracle exit strategy.

With SIB Visions VisionX, you're vendor independent and can create a web application, no matter how complex. You own the generated Java code, which uses only open source libraries. The created applications can be modified independently of SIB Visions VisionX in any Java IDE and run independently of SIB Visions VisionX in any cloud or on-premises environment.

When you change code outside of SIB Visions VisionX in Eclipse, the changes are pushed back into the SIB Visions VisionX visual development environment in real time. This two-way synchronization enables unlimited app development for citizen developers, business users, and pro developers.

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