Configuring EDB Job Scheduler

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The EDB Job Scheduler has a scheduler process that starts when the database cluster starts. To start the scheduler process, load the EDB Job Scheduler extension using the shared_preload_libraries parameter.

After you load the extension, create the extension using the CREATE EXTENSION command. The database in which you're creating the extension must be listed in the edb_job_scheduler.database_list parameter.

The CREATE EXTENSION command also creates two tables in the sys schema: jobs and job_run_details.

In addition, the EDB Job Scheduler provides two more GUCs:

  • edb_job_scheduler.max_jobs_per_database Controls the maximum number of jobs per database level.
  • edb_job_scheduler.max_workers_per_database Controls the maximum number of worker processes per database level.

To apply your changes, reload the configuration using pg_reload_conf() or pg_ctl reload.


This example configures the EDB Job Scheduler extension.

  1. Set the GUC parameter and the shared libraries parameter in postgresql.conf:

    edb_job_scheduler.database_list = 'edb'
  2. Restart the database server.

  3. Create the extension:

    # Using psql, connect to edb database as superuser
    psql -d edb -U enterprisedb
    # Create the extension
    CREATE EXTENSION edb_job_scheduler;

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