PG Squeeze

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PG Squeeze (pg_squeeze) is an extension released as open source software under the PostgreSQL License.

pg_squeeze removes unused space from a table and optionally sorts tuples according to a particular index (as if a CLUSTER command were executed concurrently with regular reads and writes). In fact, pg_squeeze tries to replace the pg_repack extension. While providing very similar functionality, pg_squeeze takes a different approach by:

  • Implementing functionality solely on the server side. This approach makes both configuration and use simpler than pg_repack, which uses both server- and client-side code. Server-side implementation also allows for smooth implementation of unattended processing using background workers.

  • Using recent improvements of the PostgreSQL database server. Most notably, besides the use of background workers, pg_squeeze uses logical decode instead of triggers to capture concurrent changes.

For more information about pg_squeeze, see:

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