Configuring pg_squeeze

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  1. Add pg_squeeze to the shared_preload_libraries parameter:

    shared_preload_libraries = 'pg_squeeze'

    If shared_preload_libraries has other extensions, then you can add pg_squeeze to the list. The order doesn't matter.

  2. Add these changes to postgresql.conf:

    wal_level = logical
    max_replication_slots = 1 # ... or add 1 to the current value.
  3. Restart Postgres.

  4. Create the pg_squeeze extension in your database:

    CREATE EXTENSION pg_squeeze;

When upgrading a database cluster with pg_squeeze installed (either using pg_dumpall/pg_restore or pg_upgrade), make sure that the new cluster has pg_squeeze in shared_preload_libraries before you upgrade. Otherwise the upgrade fails.

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