Configuring EDB Postgres Tuner

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To run EDB Postgres Tuner, you need to add it to the shared_preload_libraries and create the extension in the database. EDB Postgres Tuner can then gather metrics to make tuning recommendations.

  1. In the postgresql.conf file, add edb_pg_tuner to the shared_preload_libraries parameter:

    shared_preload_libraries = 'edb_pg_tuner'

    If shared_preload_libraries has other extensions, then you can add edb_pg_tuner to the list. The order doesn't matter.

  2. Restart Postgres.

  3. Create the EDB Postgres Tuner extension in your database with the following command:

    CREATE EXTENSION edb_pg_tuner;


The following custom GUCs control the EDB Postgres Tuner extension behavior. If you modify these parameters, then reload Postgres to apply the changes.

  • edb_pg_tuner.autotune Applies tuning recommendations automatically. The default is false.

  • edb_pg_tuner.naptime Sets the interval between each check in seconds. The default is 600 seconds (10 minutes).

  • edb_pg_tuner.max_wal_size_limit Sets the maximum value for the max_wal_size recommendation. The default is 0, which sets no limit.

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