Installing Query Advisor

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EDB Query Advisor is supported on the same platforms as the Postgres distribution you're using. Support for EDB Query Advisor starts with Postgres 12. For details, see:


Before you begin the installation process:

Install the package

The syntax for the package install command is:

sudo <package-manager> -y install edb-<postgres><postgres_version>-query-advisor


  • <package-manager>is the package manager used with your operating system:

    Package managerOperating system
    dnfRHEL 8/9 and derivatives
    yumRHEL 7 and derivatives, CentOS 7
    apt-getDebian and derivatives
  • <postgres> is the distribution of Postgres you're using:

    Postgres distributionValue
    EDB Postgres Advanced Serveras
    EDB Postgres Extended Serverpostgresextended
  • <postgres_version> is the version of Postgres you're using.

For example, to install EDB Query Advisor for EDB Postgres Advanced Server 15 on a RHEL 8 platform:

sudo dnf -y install edb-as15-query-advisor

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