EDB PgBouncer release notes v1

Released: 10 Jun 2021

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in EDB PgBouncer include the following:

Upstream mergeMerged with community PgBouncer See the community Release Notes for details.
FeatureSupport hot reloading of TLS settings. When the configuration file is reloaded, updated TLS settings are automatically enforced.
FeatureAdd support for abstract Unix-domain sockets. Prefix a Unix-domain socket path with @ to use a socket in the abstract namespace.
FeatureThe maximum length of passwords and user names have been increased to 996 and 128, respectively. Various cloud services require this.
FeatureThe minimum pool size can now be set per database, similar to the regular pool size and the reserve pool size.
FeatureThe number of pending query cancellations is shown in SHOW POOLS.
Bug fixConfiguration parsing now has tighter error handling in many places. Previously, it might have logged an error and proceeded. Those configuration errors would now result in startup failures.
Bug fixQuery cancel handling has been fixed. Under some circumstances, cancel requests would seemingly get stuck for a long time.
Bug fixMixed use of md5 and scram via hba has been fixed.
Bug fixThe “FIXME: query end, but query_start == 0” messages have been fixed. The cause of these messages is now known.
Bug fixFix reloading of default_pool_size, min_pool_size, and res_pool_size. Previously when these properties were reloaded, it didn’t work.