Command reference v4

pgd is the command name for the PGD command line interface.


The EDB Postgres Distributed Command Line Interface (PGD CLI) is a tool to manage your EDB Postgres Distributed cluster. It allows you to run commands against EDB Postgres Distributed clusters. You can use it to inspect and manage cluster resources.


  -f, --config-file string   config file; ignored if 
                             --dsn flag is present (default "/etc/edb/pgd-config.yml")
      --dsn string           database connection string
                             e.g."host=bdr-a1 port=5432 dbname=bdrdb user=postgres "
  -h, --help                 help for pgd
  -L, --log-level string     logging level: debug, info, warn, error (default "error")
  -o, --output string        output format: json, yaml

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