Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.1.1 v4

Released: 21 Jun 2022

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.1.1 includes bug fixes for BDR 4.1.1 and HARP 2.1.1. See the TPAexec Release Notes for version 23.1 for information on the changes and bug fixes in TPAexec.

BDR4.1.1FeatureAdd generic function bdr.is_node_connected returns true if the walsender for a given peer is active.
BDR4.1.1FeatureAdd generic function bdr.is_node_ready returns boolean if the lag is under a specific span.
BDR4.1.1Bug fixAdd support for a --link argument to bdr_pg_upgrade for using hard-links.
BDR4.1.1Bug fixPrevent removing a bdr.remove_commit_scope if still referenced by any bdr.node_group as the default commit scope.
BDR4.1.1Bug fixCorrect Raft based switching to Local Mode for CAMO pairs of nodes (RT78928)
BDR4.1.1Bug fixPrevent a potential segfault in bdr.drop_node for corner cases (RT81900)
BDR4.1.1Bug fixPrevent use of CAMO or Eager All Node transactions in combination with transaction streaming. Transaction streaming turned out to be problematic in combination with CAMO and Eager All Node transactions. Until this is resolved, BDR now prevents its combined use. This may require CAMO deployments to adjust their configuration to disable transaction streaming, see Transaction Streaming Configuration.
HARP2.1.1EnhancementLog a warning on loss of DCS connection
HARP2.1.1EnhancementLog a warning when metadata refresh is taking too long - usually due to high latency network
HARP2.1.1Bug fixRestart harp_proxy.service on a failure
HARP2.1.1Bug fixFix concurrency issue with connection management in harpctl
HARP2.1.1Bug fixDon't try to proxy connections to previous leader on unmanaged cluster
HARP2.1.1Bug fixDon't panic in haprctl when location is empty