Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.0 v4

Released: 14 Feb 2023

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.0 is a patch release of EDB Postgres Distributed 4, which includes bug fixes for issues identified in previous versions.


This version is required for EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 12.14.18, 13.10.14, 14.7.0 and later.

BDR4.3.0Bug fixHandle ALTER TABLE...ALTER COLUMN...TYPE...on a non-data node (BDR-2768 RT86808)

A global DML lock is required if a table rewrite is needed, however this cannot be taken if the query is executed on a non-data node (logical standby or subscriber-only).

BDR4.3.0Bug fixSeparate autopartition leader from Raft leader (BDR-2721)

Raft leader can be a witness node but autopartitioning can only be managed on data nodes. This change ensures that autopartition leader is always a data node.

BDR4.3.0FeatureImplement bdr.alter node_kind()

Function to change a node kind, the kind can also be checked in bdr.node now.

BDR4.3.0Bug fixReplicate bdr admin functions to standbys (BDR-1575, RT72698)

Always replicate the function call also for the writter process.

BDR4.3.0Bug fixFix watermark handling on clusters with multiple sub-groups

Watermark is used to ensure data consistency during join. Previously, this didn't work correctly in the presence of multiple data sub-groups.

BDR4.3.0Bug fixDon't allow switching to CAMO Local Mode if the node is not a write lead

In CAMO only one node should be allowed to switch to the Local Mode at given time. We now require the node to be the HARP write leader in order to ensure that rule.

HARP2.2.1Bug fixFix connection leak issue (BDR-2530).