Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.2+p1 v4

Released: 17 Oct 2023

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.2+p1 is a patch release of EDB Postgres Distributed 4, which includes bug fixes for issues identified in previous versions.

If you are using any previous release of HARP, we recommend that you upgrade to HARP 2.3.2.


This version is required for EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 12.15, 13.11, 14.8 and later.

HARP2.3.2Bug fixMultiple fixes related to network partition in BDR DCS.
HARP2.3.2Bug fixFix intermittent harp-manager hang issue.
HARP2.3.2Bug fixIn Go driver calls, ensure rows.Err() is checked every time after rows.Next() returns false.
HARP2.3.2ChangeImprove the BDR DCS's List method performance.