Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.2.0 v4

Released: 22 Aug 2022

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.2.0 is a minor release of EDB Postgres Distributed 4, which includes new features as well as fixes for issues identified in previous versions.

BDR4.2.0EnhancementAllow consumption of the reserved galloc sequence slot (BDR-2367, RT83437, RT68255)

The galloc sequence slot reserved for future use by background allocator can be consumed in the presence of consensus failure.

BDR4.2.0Bug fixFix spurious pglogical receiver timeouts on idle connections (RT82315)

When there is nothing to replicate and apply, the pglogical receiver may misinterpret the state as timeout and exit with error "ERROR: 08006: terminating pglogical receiver due to timeout". Correct this misinterpretation.

BDR4.2.0Bug fixFix "insufficient privileges" error for non-superuser trusted extensions (BDR-2350)

A CREATE EXTENSION command executed by a non-superuser on PostgreSQL 13+ may succeed on the BDR node where it is executed but will fail to be replicated to other nodes breaking replication. Fix this by allowing such commands to be applied on non-origin nodes.

BDR4.2.0Bug fixAvoid a race condition when reconstructing global_locks upon restart if Parallel Apply is enabled (RT83435, BDR-2383)

When parallel apply is enabled, multiple writers may try to recover the same global lock causing a deadlock. The BDR node where this happens will be rendered unrecoverable. Fix this by letting a single writer recover all the global locks.

BDR4.2.0Bug fixFix spurious segmentation faults when conflicts are logged to bdr.conflict_history (BDR-2403, RT83436, RT83928)

When conflicts are logged to the catalog bdr.conflict_history, the pglogical writer process may crash because of a segmentation fault due to an invalid pointer being used. Fix this usage.

BDR4.2.0Bug fixClean up the replication slot when bdr_init_physical fails (BDR-2364, RT74789)

If bdr_init_physical aborts without being able to join the node, it will leave behind an inactive replication slot. Remove such a replication slot when it is inactive before an irregular exit.

HARP2.2.0EnhancementAdd support for sslpassword in a connection string, including processing hook (HNG-626)