Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.2.1 v4

Released: 16 Nov 2022

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.2.1 is a patch release of EDB Postgres Distributed 4, which includes bug fixes for issues identified in previous versions.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixGrant bdr.replication_status to bdr_read_all_stats (BDR-2523)

Alllow the read_all_stats role to check BDR replication information.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixResolve hang related to bdr.standby_slots_min_confirmed (BDR-2445, RT80692)

Allow the WAl sender to proceed without the need to wait for the timeout after a Subscriber Only node is parted, while using standby_slot_names.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixUse two_phase slots in bdr_init_physical on PG14+

Improve prepared transaction handling during bdr_init_physical.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixAdd schema name to relation name in on all error messages (BDR-765)
BDR4.2.1Bug fixAllow parting a node only if the node didn't already start the part process (BDR-2629)

Return with an error if a node is already in at least PART_START state.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixDon't wait for ADD CONSTRAINT progress if DDL replication is off (BDR-2645, RT86043)

The constraint validation from all nodes is not needed if DDL is not replicated, nor do PARTED or STANDBY nodes need to validate.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixAdjust replication_set_add_ddl_filter (BDR-2755, RT86825)

Replicate all the columns needed for the ddl_filter.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixAdd maintenance to bdr.queue catalog table (BDR-2475, RT84105)

Automatically remove rows older than the bdr.max_queue_days (default disabled) on bdr.queue.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixAdd timeout option to bdr_init_physical (RT8277)

The timeout does not take the time spent in other activities of bdr_init_physical such as creating a base backup and sending the join request.

BDR4.2.1Bug fixAbort unresolved commit scope transactions on node part (BDR-2597)

Add a new peer state PART_TX_RESOLVE. This state will abort any remaining unresolved group commit transactions from the node that's parting on the current raft leader and replicates that to the rest of the cluster.

HARP2.2.1Bug fixFix connection leak issue (BDR-2530)