Release notes for EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.4 v4

Released: 5 Mar 2024

EDB Postgres Distributed version 4.3.4 is a patch release of EDB Postgres Distributed 4, which includes bug fixes for issues identified in previous versions.


This version is required for EDB Postgres Advanced Server versions 12.15, 13.11, 14.10, 15.5 and later.

BDR4.3.4Bug fixChange default value of bdr.writers_per_subscription to 1.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixRun ANALYZE on the internal raft tables, RT97735.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixFix segfault in I2PC concurrent abort case, RT93962.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixAvoid bypassing other extensions in BdrProcessUtility when processing COPY..TO, RT99345.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixEnsure that consensus connection are handled correctly, RT97649.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixFix selected memory leaks, RT99231/RT95314.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixAdd default_table_access_method to replicated GUCs.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixAdd missing GUCs to DDL replication GUC list.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixImprove local node connection failure logging.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixRework raft snapshot group restore algorithm.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixApply node group change to subscription in raft snapshot restore.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixFix commit queue cleanup and flush queueing up for prepared transactions in parallel apply.
BDR4.3.4Bug fixIncrease default bdr.raft_keep_min_entries to 1000 for 100.