Replication v16

EDB Postgres Extended Server provides the core functionality to support the following replication and high availability features in EDB Postgres Distributed:

  • Commit At Most Once (CAMO)
  • Group commit
  • Eager replication
  • Decoding worker
  • Assessment tooling
  • Lag tracker
  • Lag control
  • Timestamp snapshots
  • Transaction streaming
  • Missing partition conflict
  • No need for UPDATE trigger on tables with TOAST
  • Automatically hold back FREEZE

Asynchronous processing

EDB Postgres Extended Server includes a synchronous_replication_availability parameter. A value of async for this parameter enables asynchronous processing when not enough standby servers are available (when compared with the values as per synchronous_standby_names). The behavior reverts to synchronous replication when the required number of synchronous standby servers reappear.