Operations v16

EDB Postgres Extended Server has a number of features that relate to operations.

Avoid flooding transaction logs

EDB Postgres Extended Server provides WAL pacing delays to avoid flooding transaction logs. The WAL pacing configuration parameters are:

  • wal_insert_delay_enabled
  • wal_insert_delay
  • wal_insert_delay_size

When wal_insert_delay_enabled is enabled, a session sleeps based on the value of wal_insert_delay after WAL data of at least the value of wal_insert_delay_size is generated. The default is off.

Additional tracing and diagnostics options

EDB Postgres Extended Server allows you to enable timeouts based on logging trace messages in specific code paths. Use the tracelog_timeout configuration parameter to allow logging of trace messages after a timeout of the specified time occurs.

Selective physical base backup and subsequent selective recovery/restore

By default, backups are always taken of the entire database cluster. You can also back up individual databases or database objects by specifying the -L option with the pg_basebackup utility multiple times for multiple databases.

Template databases are backed up by default. WAL data for excluded databases is still part of the WAL archives.

The backup activity stores the list of database objects specified using this option in the backup label file. The presence of these objects in the backup label file causes selective recovery of these databases. Recovery of template databases and of global metadata related to users, languages, and so on is also carried out as usual. WAL data belonging to excluded databases is ignored during the recovery process. Attempts to connect to excluded databases cause errors after regular operations start following the recovery.

Additional operations feature

  • Reduced locking of ALTER TABLE ... REPLICA IDENTITY