Creating Pgpool-II extensions v4

You must install and create the extensions in each database where you will be using EDB Pgpool-II functionality. To ensure all extensions are available for future databases, you can add the extension to the template1 database; any extensions installed in the template1 database will be created in each of the databases that uses template1 as a template during creation.

Pgpool_adm Extension

Pgpool_adm is a set of extensions that allows SQL access to PCP commands. To view information about PCP commands, see

After installing the Pgpool_adm extension, use the psql client application to connect to the database, and execute the following SQL command:


To view more information about Pgpool_adm, see

Pgpool_recovery Extension

The Pgpool_recovery extension is required for online recovery and future fail-back mechanisms.

After installing the Pgpool_recovery extension, use psql to connect to the database, and execute the following SQL command to create a Pgpool_recovery extension:

CREATE EXTENSION pgpool_recovery;

For more information about using the CREATE EXTENSION command, see the PostgreSQL core documentation.