EDB PgPool-II 4.2.5 release notes v4

Released: 10 Jun 2021

EDB Pgpool-II 4.2.5 includes the following upstream merges and bug fixes:

Upstream mergeMerged with community Pgpool-II 4.2.5. See the community Release Notes for details.
Upstream mergeMerged with community Pgpool-II 4.2.4. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug fixFixed maximum length of hostnames, including domain name. Now the correct value is 256 instead of 128.
Bug fixFixed query cache so that it does not cache SQLValueFunctions.
Bug fixImplemented follow_primary command-locking over the watchdog channel. This is a supplementary fix for a race condition between detach_false_primary and follow_primary_command.
Bug fixFixed the issue wherein the client-side hangs when a NoData response follows a Describe statement.
Bug fixFixed an issue that sent an incorrect length error query (to abort transactions running on the non-main nodes), throwing an “invalid string in message” error at the backend in SI mode.
Bug fixFixed an issue wherein child processes created by follow_primary command were orphaned when pgpool was shut down.
Bug fixFixed an issue wherein, after executing the follow_primary command, the status of a standby node was set as down using the pcp_detach_node.
Bug fixFixed the watchdog communication race condition wherein the watchdog notified the new message to the main process, which took significant time to process the message.
Bug fixFixed an issue wherein the watchdog node status was not updating after rebooting one of the cluster nodes.
Bug fixFixed an issue wherein the follow_primary_command failed when watchdog was enabled.
Bug fixFixed a bug related to PGPOOL SHOW heartbeat and PGPOOL SHOW ALL commands where the last entry of command result was not shown.
Bug fixFixed an issue to allow the value of the parameter log_rotation_age to be set to 0 to disable it.
Bug fixFixed an incorrect display of the load balancing node status in raw clustering mode.
Bug fixFixed the pgpool logger process, which was utilizing 100% CPU.
Bug fixFixed the SI mode to acquire a snapshot with an internal transaction.
Bug fixFixed the backend_flag* parameter, which was shown twice while executing the PGPOOL SHOW ALL command.
Bug fixUpdated the other_pgpool parameter (removed in the 4.2 release) to watchdog in the SHOW ALL command.