CVE-2024-1597 - SQL Injection via line comment generation

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First Published: 2024/02/26

Last Updated: 2024/03/08

Important: This is an assessment of the impact of CVE-2024-1597 on EDB products and services. It links to and details the CVE and supplements that information with EDB's own assessment.


pgjdbc, the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver, allows attacker to inject SQL if using PreferQueryMode=SIMPLE. Note this is not the default. In the default mode there is no vulnerability. A placeholder for a numeric value must be immediately preceded by a minus. There must be a second placeholder for a string value after the first placeholder; both must be on the same line. By constructing a matching string payload, the attacker can inject SQL to alter the query,bypassing the protections that parameterized queries bring against SQL Injection attacks. Versions before 42.7.2, 42.6.1, 42.5.5, 42.4.4, 42.3.9, and 42.2.28 are affected.

Vulnerability details

CVE-ID: CVE-2024-1597

CVSS Base Score: 10.0

CVSS Temporal Score: Undefined

CVSS Environmental Score: Undefined


Affected products and versions


  • All versions prior to 42.7.2
  • All versions prior to 42.6.1
  • All versions prior to 42.5.5
  • All versions prior to 42.3.9
  • All versions prior to 42.2.28

EnterpriseDB pgJDBC

  • All versions prior to


pgJDBC Version Information

Affected VersionFixed InFix Published
All versions prior to
All versions prior to
All versions prior to 42.5.542.5.52024-02-19
All versions prior to 42.4.442.4.42024-02-19
All versions prior to 42.3.942.3.92024-02-19
All versions prior to 42.2.2842.2.282024-02-19

EDB pgJDBC Version Information

Affected VersionFixed InRemediation/First Fix
All versions prior to to latest supported version
(at least and patch existing clients/applications.

EDB Assessment

Updated EDB JDBC Drivers are available in EDB Repos in the form of RPM and DEB native packages. It is also packaged and delivered as interactive installers available on the EDB Downloads site.



Source: pgJDBC team

Change history

  • 26 Feb 2024: Added details of EDB Assesment


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