Recommended Settings

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This section walks you through the recommended settings while using pgBackRest.


Use the following settings to encrypt the files in the repository repo1:


The cipher-pass should be base64 encoded. For example, to generate a random passphrase use the following setting:

$ openssl rand -base64 48

Maximum Number of Processes

Use the following setting to set the maximum number of processes for compression usage and file transfer:


Each process will perform compression and transfer to make the command run faster, but do not set process-max so high that it impacts server load and performance.

Backup Fast Start

Use the start-fast=y setting to force a checkpoint to start the backup quickly. This is achieved inside pgBackRest by passing true to the fast parameter of the pg_start_backup() database function. The backup will then begin immediately rather than waiting for the next regular checkpoint triggered by the database server itself.


Use the delta=y setting to restore or backup using checksums.

During a restore, the data and tablespaces directories are expected to be present, but empty. This option performs a delta restore using checksums.

During a backup, this option will use checksums instead of timestamps to determine if files will be copied.

Log Levels

The output of each command will be printed in the console and a log file.

Use the following log-level-console and log-level-file settings to apply the log level:

  • off;
  • error;
  • warn;
  • info;
  • detail;
  • debug;
  • trace.

CAUTION: Trace-level logging may expose secrets such as keys and passwords.

To add more output in the log file in case the executed command encounters an error and to avoid re-executing the command for more information, use the following settings:




delta log-level-console log-level-file process-max repo-cipher-pass repo-cipher-type

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