Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why do we have to specify the --stanza option even if only one stanza is defined in the configuration file?

Except for the repository specific commands (info, start, stop), the --stanza option is required so that adding a stanza does not cause the commands that did not have a stanza specified to suddenly throw errors because they do not know which stanza to use.

  • Is it possible to only restore a specific database from a complete database cluster backup?

Yes. You can restore a specific database using the restore --db-include option. After recovery, you can then extract the selected databases with the pg_dump command.

The databases that are not explicitly included with this option will be restored as sparse, zeroed files to save space; however, it still allows PostgreSQL to perform the recovery using less disk space. You can then remove these databases with the DROP DATABASE command since they will no longer be accessible.

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