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Partners - SIB Visions

SIB Visions' VisionX platform helps make low-code development simple and flexible.

SIB Visions

SIB Visions is the creator of the low code development platform VisionX. It is based in Vienna, Austria, with branches and partners in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

VisionX is a flexible low-code platform that enables both business users and professional developers to visually develop web, desktop and native mobile applications. These can be very simple applications that replace paper processes or Excel sheets, easy-to-use forms on ERP systems, dashboards, mobile apps, and even highly complex billing applications, customer portals or trading systems.

EDB Certified Partner

Integrations by SIB Visions

The VisionX low code platform supports both Postgres and EDB Postgres Advanced Server to visually build web and native mobile apps. VisionX and its Oracle Forms Migration Extension is an efficient solution for semi-automated migration of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX into modern web and mobile applications. Together with an Oracle database to EDB Postgres Advanced Server migration, it provides a fast, smooth and reliable Oracle exit strategy.

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