EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Oracle Compatibility for HP-UX

If you're like many HP customers using Oracle on Itanium hardware, you're exploring what your options are as a result of Oracle’s announcement to stop support for the HP-UX Itanium platform. Oracle's suggestion is that you retain your Oracle software investments and consider replacing your HP hardware (with Oracle, of course!).

Don't Do This!

However, if you value the customer focused relationship and products from HP, consider protecting your hardware and HP investment with new database software that works just like Oracle. It's called EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Do This!

HP and EDB have partnered to offer you an enterprise-class database alternative that allows you to retain your investment and relationship with HP and continue leveraging much of your investment in Oracle--all while saving you money!

EDB's Industry-leading Oracle compatibility:

  • Years of demonstrated enterprise grade reliability and robustness
  • Hundreds of customers like you who are succeeding with EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • Performance and scalability and high availability under load
  • Oracle-like and Oracle-replacement features
  • Oracle PL/SQL support
  • The ability to preserve your investments in Oracle skills, training, and use of features
  • Tools to migrate your current databases and applications trouble free
  • Multiple strategies for switching databases over time
  • The backing and support of HP

See for yourself by downloading the HP-UX release now of the industry's leader in database compatibility: EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

HP Alliance Partner of the Year 2013

EDB, provider of enterprise-class Postgres and the leading option for migrating away from Oracle, was recognized with the HP AllianceOne Partner of the Year Award for Mission Critical Computing at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas.

HP Mission Critical Award