Choosing your deployment option

You have two deployment options with BigAnimal. You can deploy clusters in your cloud account, or you can deploy in BigAnimal's cloud account.

To learn about the pricing of these two deployment options, see Pricing and billing.

Using your cloud account

When deploying in your cloud account, you need to set up your cloud service provider. You can use your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud account. In this deployment model, you are responsible for your managing your cloud resources and connecting your cloud to BigAnimal. To set up your cloud service provider, see Checking your cloud readiness.

Using BigAnimal's cloud account

BigAnimal's cloud account offers a seamless deployment option if you don't want to set up a separate cloud account for your clusters. You can deploy a cluster in BigAnimal's cloud account instantly.


Currently, when you deploy in BigAnimal's cloud account, you can use AWS or Google Cloud as your cloud provider. If you want to use your cloud account's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service for database authentication, you must deploy clusters in your own cloud account. If you deploy using BigAnimal's cloud account, the underlying cloud provider is hidden, so you can't manage IAM access.