BigAnimal January 2024 release notes

BigAnimal's January 2024 includes the following enhancements and bugfixes:

EnhancementBigAnimal has added new integrations with third-party monitoring services. You can now set up monitoring integrations with DataDog and New Relic on your BigAnimal Projects.
EnhancementBigAnimal now supports adding a storage volume to your cluster for the Write-Ahead Log (WAL). Dedicated WAL storage volumes significantly improve write performance for WAL files, boosting the IO of the overall cluster.
EnhancementBigAnimal Terraform provider v0.7.0 is now available. Learn more about what’s new here and download the provider here.
EnhancementBigAnimal CLI v3.5.0 is now available. Learn more about what’s new here.
EnhancementBigAnimal now supports pausing and resuming clusters on demand. You can now pause clusters when you aren’t using them without losing your data or configurations, giving you more control over your cluster operations as well as helping you save on compute costs.