Version 4.8 v4

Enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in EFM 4.8 include:

EnhancementThe minimum Java version required to run Failover Manager is now version 11 instead of 8.
EnhancementNew CLI command 'efm reset-members added' to remove cached node addreses after a node is removed from a cluster. [Support ticket: #1047118]
EnhancementEncryption/decryption of database password will now work in a FIPS environment. [Support ticket: #90803, #90805]
EnhancementChanged the order to retrieve WAL replay/receive queries from a standby during a cluster status call. This can help avoid confusing output when the database cluster is under load.
EnhancementFailover Manager will now log more information about outside processes attempting to connect to a running agent's address/port.
EnhancementFailover Manager has been upgraded to use PostgreSQL JDBC Driver version 42.6.0.
EnhancementFailover Manager agents can be started before the local database has been initialized.
EnhancementFailover Manager warns the user and doesn't start if the ping.server.ip property is set to the virtual IP address. Setting these to the same value breaks network connectivity checks when the VIP is dropped during a switchover.
Bug FixFixed an edge case that could result in two primary nodes in the case of an even split of a cluster (for example, between two data centers with equal number of nodes).
Bug FixTo prevent edge cases of other nodes logging warnings about cluster communication problems, during a cluster shutdown, the coordinator waits a couple of seconds before exiting . [Support ticket #96840]
Bug FixFixed a rare timing case that could result in a primary database failure being ignored because of a simultaneous cluster status check. [Support ticket: #98428]