Failover Manager 4.1 release notes v4

Released: 11 Dec 2021

Enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in EFM 4.1 include:

EnhancementSupport added for HA architecture with EFM and Pgpool deployment with Azure Network Load Balancer.
EnhancementStandby agents attempt to resume health monitoring when local database connectivity is recovered.
EnhancementNew option automatically increases num_sync when synchronous standbys are added to a cluster or they rejoin a cluster.
Bug FixCan increase num_sync when synchronous standys are added. [Support Ticket #1092053]
Bug FixCan't start agent with certain properties not present. [Support Ticket #1087362]
Bug FixUpgraded JDBC driver due to security vulnerabilities. [Support Ticket #1052383]
Bug Fix‘arping’ now called after acquiring VIP in non-sudo mode. [Support Ticket #1039625]

See The Cluster Properties File for more information on the new properties.