The ALL_INDEXES view provides information about the indexes on tables that may be accessed by the current user.

ownerTEXTUser name of the index’s owner.
schema_nameTEXTName of the schema in which the index belongs.
index_nameTEXTThe name of the index.
index_typeTEXTThe index type is always BTREE. Included for compatibility only.
table_ownerTEXTUser name of the owner of the indexed table.
table_nameTEXTThe name of the indexed table.
table_typeTEXTIncluded for compatibility only. Always set to TABLE.
uniquenessTEXTIndicates if the index is UNIQUE or NONUNIQUE.
compressionCHARACTER(1)Always set to N (not compressed). Included for compatibility only.
tablespace_nameTEXTName of the tablespace in which the table resides if other than the default tablespace.
loggingTEXTAlways set to LOGGING. Included for compatibility only.
statusTEXTIncluded for compatibility only; always set to VALID.
partitionedCHARACTER(3)Indicates that the index is partitioned. Currently, always set to NO.
temporaryCHARACTER(1)Indicates that an index is on a temporary table. Always set to N; included for compatibility only.
secondaryCHARACTER(1)Included for compatibility only. Always set to N.
join_indexCHARACTER(3)Included for compatibility only. Always set to NO.
droppedCHARACTER(3)Included for compatibility only. Always set to NO.