EDB Postgres Advanced Server release notes v14

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 is built on open-source PostgreSQL 14, which introduces myriad enhancements that enable databases to scale up and scale out in more efficient ways. PostgreSQL 14 has significant performance improvements, which includes an improved indexing and lookup system, a level up on query planning when using extended statistics, improved performance for queries that use aggregates or partitioned tables, and providing more ways to monitor activity within a PostgreSQL database. And along with highly requested features like parallelized vacuuming, incremental sorting, PostgreSQL 14 has a multitude of other new features and capabilities.

The EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EDB Postgres Advanced Server) documentation describes the latest version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 including minor releases and patches. The release notes in this section provide information on what was new in each release.

VersionRelease dateUpstream merges
14.6.02022 Nov 1014.6
14.5.02022 Aug 1114.5
14.4.02022 Jun 1614.4
14.3.02022 May 1214.3
14.2.12022 Feb 1014.2
14.1.02021 Dec 0114.0, 14.1