EDB Postgres Advanced Server release notes v16

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 16 is built on open-source PostgreSQL 16, which introduces myriad enhancements that enable databases to scale up and scale out in more efficient ways.

The EDB Postgres Advanced Server documentation describes the latest version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server 16 including minor releases and patches. These release notes provide information on what was new in each release.

VersionRelease dateUpstream merges
16.3.009 May 202416.3
16.208 Feb 202416.2
16.109 Nov 202316.0,16.1

Component certification

This components are included in the EDB Postgres Advanced Server v16.1 release:

  • pgAgent 4.4.2
  • PL Debugger 1.5.1
  • pg_catcheck 1.4.0
  • EDB Query Advisor 1.0.1
  • EDB Wait States 1.1.0
  • EDB Clone Schema
  • EDB Parallelcone
  • EDB EDB*Plus 41.2.0
  • SQL Profiler 4.1.1
  • SPL Check

Support announcements

Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) incompatibility

The EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) isn't supported by EDB Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL version 14 and later. We strongly recommend that you move to Barman or PgBackRest as your backup recovery tool.