EDB Postgres Advanced Server security features v16

EDB Postgres Advanced Server extends Postgres security with features designed to limit unauthorized access.

Transparent Data Encryption overview

Provides an overview of the benefits of the Transparent Data Encryption feature

EDB audit logging

Enables database and security administrators, auditors, and operators to track and analyze database activities

Protecting against SQL injection attacks

With the SQL/Protect feature, EDB Postgres Advanced Server offers protection against SQL injection attacks by examining incoming queries for common SQL injection profiles.

Generating SSL certificates

The sslutils Postgres extension provides SSL certificate generation functions to EDB Postgres Advanced Server for use by the EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager server

Protecting proprietary source code

Describes how to use the EDB*Wrap utility to obfuscate proprietary source code and programs

Managing user profiles

How to create and manage profiles that specify database access for users

Redacting data

Use the EDB Postgres Advanced Server data redaction feature to limit exposure to sensitive data by dynamically changing the data as it is displayed for certain users

Controlling data access

Virtual Private Database offers fine-grained access control to data down to specific rows, as defined by the security policy