Database Compatibility Stored Procedural Language Guide v10

Advanced Server's stored procedural language (SPL) is a highly productive, procedural programming language for writing custom procedures, functions, triggers, and packages for Advanced Server that provides:

  • full procedural programming functionality to complement the SQL language
  • a single, common language to create stored procedures, functions, triggers, and packages for the Advanced Server database
  • a seamless development and testing environment
  • the use of reusable code
  • ease of use

This guide describes the basic elements of an SPL program, before providing an overview of the organization of an SPL program and how it is used to create a procedure or a function. Guides about the other compatibility features (such as triggers or built-in functions) that might be used in conjunction with the SPL language are available at the EDB website.

basic_spl_elements spl_programs variable_declarations basic_statements control_structures transaction_control dynamic_sql static_cursors ref_cursors_and_cursor_variables collections collection_methods working_with_collections triggers packages object_types_and_objects errors_and_messages conclusion