bgwriter_delay v10

Parameter Type: Integer

Default Value: 200ms

Range: 10ms to 10000ms

Minimum Scope of Effect: Cluster

When Value Changes Take Effect: Reload

Required Authorization to Activate: EPAS service account

Specifies the delay between activity rounds for the background writer. In each round the writer issues writes for some number of dirty buffers (controllable by the bgwriter_lru_maxpages and bgwriter_lru_multiplier parameters). It then sleeps for bgwriter_delay milliseconds, and repeats.

The default value is 200 milliseconds (200ms). Note that on many systems, the effective resolution of sleep delays is 10 milliseconds; setting bgwriter_delay to a value that is not a multiple of 10 might have the same results as setting it to the next higher multiple of 10.

Typically, when tuning bgwriter_delay, it should be reduced from its default value. This parameter is rarely increased, except perhaps to save on power consumption on a system with very low utilization.