Version 10.10.18 v10

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.10.18 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 10.10. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixFix to minimize the memory consumption for partition table select. [Support Ticket: #861800]RM43945dblink_oci
Bug FixConvert RAW to VARCHAR before assigning to VARCHAR variable. [Support Ticket: #865427]RM43983
Bug FixFix to_char() for formats like spell mode, "IWW", "SPTH", "DDD", "D (day of the week)" etc. to make to_char() more redwood and PG compatible. [Support Ticket: #865427]RM43873
Bug FixFix WARNING for not owning proper lock on relation during resource cleanup.RM44030edbldr
Bug FixAdd support for edb_filter_log.RM44025
Bug FixDon't allow password and obfuscated_password options together.RM43962dblink_oci
Bug FixRedact commands that change passwords from the log file. [Support Ticket: #523301]RM43839
Bug FixRedact a password containing a single quote correctly.RM43811edb_filter_log
Bug FixCorrect CALL statement's function expression handling in ecpg.RM44047
Bug FixFixed error "unexpected varattno 2 in expression to be mapped" in subpartition when edb_enable_pruning is ON.RM44020
Bug FixFix pg_dump to not dump pldbgapi extensions. [Support Ticket: #886983]RM44018
Bug FixFix INSERT mode for partitioning table.RM44011edbldr
Bug FixFix __remote_rowid_ attribute values correctly.RM44002