Version 10.5.12 v10

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10.5.12 includes the following bug fixes:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 10.5. See the community Release Notes for details.
Bug FixFix issue where dblink_ora_copy ignores partition constraints.RM43674
Bug FixFix server crash on Windows when database containing password verify function is dropped. [Support Ticket: #778591]RM43667
Bug FixFix SCRAM authentication on Windows with SafeLogic DLL.[Support Ticket: #774343]RM43664
Bug FixTreat "double" as regular "C" type instead of ecpg type. [Support Ticket: #766415]RM43615
Bug FixUse OCIPing to validate connection status to allow failover. [Support Ticket: #761564]RM43608
Bug FixFix server crash with CREATE partition syntax. [Support Ticket: #774842]RM43658
Bug FixReset lock wait timeout after successfully acquiring a lock. [Support Ticket: #762664]RM43621
Bug FixCorrect search path for system header files. [Support Ticket: #714566]RM43582
Bug FixRaise "no data found" error with usebulk option. [Support Ticket: #697421]RM43568
Bug FixFix EDB's PAM authentication so that it doesn't report an authentication failure in case of PAM_TEXT_INFO messages. [Support Ticket: #758027]RM43564
Bug FixFix EXCHANGE PARTITION to pass the actual relation name to validate the constraints. [Support Ticket: #761902]RM43563
Bug FixFix EDB partition pruning for parent and child table having different attribute number order.RM43557
Bug FixFix parsing elif block. [Support Ticket: #714566, 763085]RM43541
Bug FixFix file rotation for edb_audit_rotation_day option. [Support Ticket: #758750]RM43531
Bug FixPass correct charset form to OCI LOB API in dblink_ora module. [Support Ticket: #754525]RM43519
Bug FixUpdate command id in the active snapshot which fixes an issue with recursive queries. [Support Ticket: #755194]RM43504
Bug FixFix dblink_ora_copy() to work with partitioned tables. [Support Ticket: #751430]RM43495
Bug FixError out if shared memory is not yet allocated.RM43478
Bug FixFix error message reported by exception.RM43354
Bug FixFix the edb-validator parser to use handle FOREACH. [Support Ticket: #757821]RM43268
Bug FixFix issue with UPDATE statement that doesn't affect rows when the SET clause uses a recursive subquery. [Support Ticket: #717187]RM43118