Version 10 v10

New features in EDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 include:

Upstream MergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 10. See the community Release Notes for details.
FeatureGeneral FunctionalityImproved auditing:
- Configurable by DDL and DML statement types
- Configurable by User and Database
- Audit logs can now be directed to syslog
FeatureGeneral FunctionalityCopying a schema is now allowed.
FeatureGeneral FunctionalityWAL segment sizes can now be specified. Customizable WAL segment sizes are now an option for initdb.
FeatureGeneral FunctionalityAutomatic prewarming.
FeatureOracle CompatibilitySupport for IN OUT parameters for EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.
FeatureOracle CompatibilityOCI aggregate pushdown.

Deprecated Features

The following items will be deprecated and will no longer be provided in EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11:

  • Linux Graphical Installers
  • Infinite Cache

Component Certification

The following components are included in the EDB Postgres Advanced Server v10 release:

  • Procedural Language Packs - PL/Perl 5.24, PL/Python 3.4, PL/TCL 8.6
  • pgAgent 3.4.1
  • Slony 2.2.6
  • Connectors 10.0.0
  • JDBC 9.4-1208, ODBC 9.05.0400, .NET 3.0.5, OCL
  • pgAdmin 4 Client 2.0
  • pgBouncer
  • pgPool-II & pgPool-II Extensions 3.6.7
  • MTK 51.0.0
  • EDBPlus 36.0.0
  • PostGIS support will be added when PostGIS versions supporting 10.1 are made available