EDB Postgres Advanced Server 15.2.0 release notes v15

Released: 14 Feb 2023

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 15.2.0 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Upstream mergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 15.2. See the PostgreSQL 15 Release Notes for more information.
FeatureTransparent Data Encryption (TDE) encrypts any user data stored in the database system. This encryption is transparent to the user. User data includes the actual data stored in tables and other objects, as well as system catalog data such as the names of objects. See TDE docs for more information.Security
EnhancementEDB Postgres Advanced Server now allows non-superusers to load data using EDB*Loader.edbldr
EnhancementEnabled multi-insert support for the dynamic partition for EDB*Loader and COPY command.
EnhancementEDB Postgres Advanced Server now lets you obfuscate the LDAP password in the pg_hba.conf file. You can supply a module that transforms the ldapbindpasswd value in the pg_hba.conf file before the value is passed to the LDAP server. See Obfuscating the LDAP password.Security
EnhancementAdded OCI dblink configuration file approach to restrict pushdowns. This enhancement adds the infrastructure to the configuration file in which you can define the list of operators and functions that can push down to the remote server. It also allows you to add to or modify the list as needed.
EnhancementAdded support for WHERE clause to the UPDATE and INSERT of MERGE command for Oracle compatibility.Oracle compatibility
EnhancementAdded the HTP and HTF packages to built-in packages for Oracle compatibility.Oracle compatibility
EnhancementThe INTO clause now accepts multiple composite-row type targets in SPL. This enhancement allows you to assign a SELECT list having a mix of scalar and composite type values that are fetched from a table to corresponding scalar or composite variables (including collection variables) in the SPL code.
EnhancementThe NVL function now accepts double-precision data type arguments.
EnhancementEDB Postgres Advanced Server now skips IN/OUT/IN OUT modifiers in the USING expression. A USING clause in EXECUTE IMMEDIATE supports passing parameters to embedded SPL blocks. However, these parameters are treated as IN OUT only, and there was previously no way to specify whether the parameter is IN, OUT, or IN OUT. To ease migration from Oracle, these modifiers are now skipped at the beginning of the expression whenever possible.Oracle compatibility
EnhancementAdded the FORMAT_ERROR_STACK() and FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE() functions to the DBMS_UTILITY package. These functions are used in a stored procedure, function, or package to return the current exception name. These functions are useful for debugging and logging purposes.
EnhancementAdded Oracle-compatible UPDATE..SET ROW syntax support. UPDATE changes the values of the specified columns in all rows that satisfy the condition. Only the columns being modify are mentioned in the SET clause. Columns not being modified explicitly retain their previous values. The SET ROW clause enables you to update a target record using a record-type variable or row-type objects. The record or row used must have compatible data types with table's columns in order.Oracle compatibility
EnhancementEDB Postgres Advanced Server now provides INDEX and NO_INDEX hints for the partitioned table. The optimizer hints apply to the inherited index in the partitioned table. The execution plan internally expands to include the corresponding inherited child indexes and applies them in later processing.
EnhancementAdded the SQLCODE() and SQLERRM()functions. In an exception handler, the SQLCODE function returns the numeric code of the exception being handled. Outside an exception handler, SQLCODE returns 0. The SQLERRM function returns the error message associated with an SQLCODE variable value. If the error code value is passed to the SQLERRM function, it returns an error message associated with the passed error code value, regardless of the current error raised.
EnhancementAdded the TO_MULTI_BYTE() and TO_SINGLE_BYTE() functions.Oracle compatibility
EnhancementAdded the TO_NCHAR()function, the wrapper function that casts input to NVARCHAR2. The size of the input is limited to the PostgreSQL supported size limit for that type.
EnhancementAdded the TO_DSINTERVAL() function. Converts a character string of CHAR, VARCHAR2, NCHAR, or NVARCHAR2 data type to an interval data type.
EnhancementAdded the FROM_TZ() function. Converts a TIMESTAMP value and a time zone value to an equivalent TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value.
EnhancementAdding TO_CLOB() and TO_BLOB() functions. These are the only wrapper functions that cast input to CLOB or BLOB types respectively.
EnhancementYou can now view the package specification and package body definition using the psql meta-commands \sps and \spb, respectively.
Enhancementindex _advisor is now a separate extension, but continues to be packaged with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.Index advisor
Enhancementsql_profiler is now a separate extension and is no longer packaged with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.SQL Profiler
ChangeThe Windows installer no longer installs pgAdmin, and the parallel-clone and clonescheme extensions are no longer included in an EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation. To download pgAdmin, see the pgAdmin download page.