Managing user profiles v15

EDB Postgres Advanced Server allows a database superuser to create named profiles. The following sections describe how to manage profiles with EDB Postgres Advanced Server .

creating_a_new_profile altering_a_profile dropping_a_profile associating_a_profile_with_an_existing_role unlocking_a_locked_account creating_a_new_role_associated_with_a_profile backing_up_profile_management_functions

Profile management key concepts

Provides an overview of how to manage user profiles

Creating a new profile

Describes how to create a new profile

Altering a profile

Describes how to use the ALTER PROFILE command to modify a user-defined profile

Dropping a profile

Describes how to use the DROP PROFILE command to drop a profile

Associating a profile with an existing role

Describes how to use commands to associate the profile with a role

Unlocking a locked account

Describes how to use specific clauses in the ALTER USER|ROLE command to lock or unlock a user role

Creating a new role associated with a profile

Describes how to assign a profile to a new role

Backing up profile management functions

Describes how to use the profile backup functions