Database compatibility for Oracle developers v15

EDB Postgres Advanced Server makes Postgres look, feel, and operate more like Oracle, so when you migrate, there is less code to rewrite, and you can be up and running quickly. The Oracle compatibility features allow you to run many applications written for Oracle in EDB Postgres Advanced Server with minimal to no changes.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server provides Oracle compatible:

Further reading
  • Compatible SQL syntax, data types, and views in SQL reference.
  • Compatibility offered by the procedures and functions that are part of the built-in packages in Built-in packages.
  • Compatible tools and utilities (EDB*Plus, EDB*Loader, DRITA, and EDB*Wrap) that are included with an EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation in Tools, utilities, and components.
  • For applications written using the Oracle Call Interface (OCI), EDB’s Open Client Library (OCL) provides interoperability with these applications. See EDB OCL Connector.