Using Index Advisor v15

The Index Advisor utility helps determine the columns to index to improve performance in a given workload. Index Advisor considers B-tree (single-column or composite) index types. It doesn't identify other index types, that is, GIN, GiST, and Hash, that might improve performance. Index Advisor extension is installed with EDB Postgres Advanced Server, where you can configure and use it.

index_advisor_components index_advisor_configuration using_index_advisor reviewing_the_index_advisor_recommendations index_advisor_limitations

Index Advisor overview

Provides an overview of how the Index Advisor works

Index Advisor limitations

Outlines the limitations when using the Index Advisor

Configuring the Index Advisor

Outlines the steps for configuring the Index Advisor to store recommendations

Using Index Advisor

Step-by-step guide for using Index Advisor

Reviewing Index Advisor recommendations

Description of how to review the index recommendations generated by Index Advisor