Upgrading an installation with pg_upgrade v16


Review the upgrade considerations prior to performing an upgrade with the pg_upgrade utility.

While minor upgrades between versions are fairly simple and require only installing new executables, past major version upgrades were both expensive and time consuming. pg_upgrade eases migration between any version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server (version 9.0 or later) and any later release of EDB Postgres Advanced Server that's supported on the same platform.

Using pg_upgrade can reduce both the amount of time and the disk space required for many major-version upgrades.

performing_an_upgrade invoking_pg_upgrade upgrading_to_advanced_server upgrading_a_pgAgent_installation pg_upgrade_troubleshooting reverting_to_the_old_cluster

About pg_upgrade

Describes how the upgrade utility works

Performing an upgrade

Describes how to upgrade an earlier version of EDB Postgres Advanced Server to the current version

Invoking pg_upgrade

Describes how to invoke the pg_upgrade utility

Upgrading to EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Describes how to upgrade into a cluster

Upgrading a pgAgent installation

Describes how to use the script provided with the EDB Postgres Advanced Server installer to update pgAgent

Troubleshooting pg_upgrade

Provides tips for problems you might encounter during upgrade

Reverting to the old cluster

Describes the various method you can use to revert to a previous cluster