Removing a subscription v7

After you remove a subscription, replication can no longer occur for the publication that was associated with it until the publication is subscribed to with a new subscription.

Removing a subscription does not delete the subscription tables in the subscription database. It removes the identity and association of these tables to Replication Server. The tables remain in the database until the DBA deletes them with DROP TABLE SQL statements.

  1. Make sure the subscription server whose node is the parent of the subscription you want to remove is running and registered in the Replication Swerver console you're using. See Registering a subscription server for instructions on starting and registering a subscription server.

  2. Select the Subscription node of the subscription that you want to remove.

  3. Select Subscription > Remove Subscription.

  4. In the Remove Subscription confirmation box, select Yes.

The Subscription node no longer appears under the Subscription Database node.