Release Notes v7

The Replication Server documentation describes the latest version including minor releases and patches. The release notes in this section provide information on what was new in each release. For new functionality introduced in a minor or patch release, there are also indicators within the content about what release introduced the feature.

VersionRelease Date
7.5.12023 May 26
7.5.02023 Feb 14
7.4.02022 Nov 29
7.3.02022 Nov 15
7.2.12022 Jul 25
7.2.02022 Jun 24
7.1.02022 Mar 21
7.0.12022 Mar 03
7.0.02021 Dec 01

Supported upgrade paths

You can only upgrade to Replication Server 7.x from 6.2.15 or later 6.2.x point version. If you are running a version earlier than 6.2.15, you need to first upgrade to 6.2.15 or later 6.2.x point version before upgrading to 7.x.


Version 7.x provides a non-breaking upgrade path for existing 6.2.x based cluster deployments; however, we strongly recommended that you verify the upgrade in a staging or nonproduction environment before applying the upgrade in a production environment. There is no downgrade path from version 7.x to version 6.2.x so it is essential to test the upgrade first before applying it to the production environment.