Version 7.1.0 v7

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Replication Server 7.1.0 include the following:

EnhancementReplication Server is now certified to support SQL Server 2016, 2017, and 2019 as the publication and subscription database.
EnhancementThe validatepubs and validatepub CLI commands no longer require the -repgrouptype option.
EnhancementThe use-ora-case option has been added to the Data Validator tool to enforce usage of the same case for the tables specified using the include-tables option, irrespective of the default case in the source and target databases. See Performing data validation for more information.
Security FixThe log4j component version bundled with Replication Server in versions before 7.1.0 has been identified as being affected by CVE-2019-17571. The log4j version has been upgraded to the latest patched version 2.17.0 to address this vulnerability.
Bug fixFixed issue so that the replication history is loaded properly in the Replication console for SMR + MMR cluster at publication service startup [Support Ticket #74217].
Bug fixFixed the issue that caused a failure when loading the pgShadowTableQueryMode configuration parameter [Support Ticket #78117].
Bug fixFixed the publication server crash observed in a corner case on Windows when the Sync operation is performed for a WAL-based cluster [Support Ticket #79555].
Bug fixFixed the issue that prevented adding PostgreSQL as a publication database when the controller database is EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Bug fixFixed the issue where an update-update conflict with a custom resolution strategy failed to resolve with EDB Postgres Advanced Server/PostgreSQL JDBC driver version 42.3.2 or later.
Bug fixFixed the issue where the incorrect publication association is shown for a subscription.
Bug fixReport an error if the table name is not schema-qualified for the createpub CLI command.
Bug fixFixed an issue that prevented removal of a publication when a row filter is defined against it.
Bug fixFixed the snapshot failure for a SMR cluster with EDB Postgres Advanced Server publication database (created with the no-redwood-compat option) and PostgreSQL subscription database.