Migration Portal 4.0.0 release notes v4

Released: 22 Apr 2022

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.0.0 include the following:

EnhancementThe Migration Portal now supports the use of the EDB DDL Extractor again. Issues related to the DDL Extractor are resolved and the temporary restriction introduced on the use of DDL Extractor file format has been removed. The Migration Portal continues to support the use of the Oracle Data Pump utilities following the instructions in the documentation; however, the use of the EDB DDL Extractor is recommended.
EnhancementThe schema assessment algorithms are optimized to address a few performance related issues and to reduce overall schema assessment time.
EnhancementAdded a repair handler to remove CACHE/NOCACHE keyword from TABLE definition as EDB Postgres Advanced Server does not support it.
Security fixThe jackson-databind and h2 libraries are upgraded to the latest versions to address security issues (CVE-2020-36518, CVE-2022-23221, CVE-2021-42392 and CVE-2021-23463).
Bug fixFixed the grammar rule to resolve a parsing error that skipped execution of a repair handler to remove EDITIONABLE keywords.
Bug fixFixed the repair handler to perform proper conversion of Oracle PIPELINED and PIPE ROW function calls.
Bug fixFixed an issue where the case sensitivity was lost when an object name was based on Unicode characters.
Bug fixFixed the issue that displays the Getting Started wizard when Migration Portal landing page is opened for the first time for a new user.
Bug fixFixed the issue where a VIEW definition was truncated during transformation in the target EPAS DDL script.
Bug fixPreviously, uploaded DDL files having characters that were not compatible with UTF-8 were failing at the start of the Assessment phase. Migration Portal now reads the SQL files as UTF-8. In case a non UTF-8 file is uploaded, all the characters that are not compatible with UTF-8 will be converted to the replacement character ‘�’ and assessment will continue without failing.
Bug fixFixed constraint name assignment for the unnamed constraint in the source Oracle DDL.
Bug fixUpdated the repair handler to remove the OIDINDEX storage clause for Oracle Data Pump generated source DDL files.
Bug fixAllowed the COLLATE and COMPUTATION keywords to be used as identifiers.
Bug fixFixed the handling of multi-line comments that appear as part of single line comments.
Bug fixFixed the grammar to properly identify and skip wrapped objects.
Bug fixFixed ConcurrentModificationException occurred while running multiple projects simultaneously.
Bug fixFixed unique object names handling across multiple schemas. The object names are not required to be unique across different schemas.
Bug fixMade some fixes in the create table grammar to ignore the order of some clauses as no specific order is required.