Migration Portal 4.1.0 release notes v4

Released: 04 Aug 2022

New features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes in Migration Portal 4.1.0 include the following:

EnhancementMigration Portal Schema Assessment Reports now include a new Feature Analysis section that provides a migration complexity score based on the effort type and complexity level relevant to the Oracle constructs (in other words, features) found in the uploaded DDL. This new section also provides a summary of the incompatible features found in the DDL. Note that the Feature Analysis section is currently only generated for new migration projects and not for existing projects that had been created prior to this release.
EnhancementThe user can now apply filtering to the available schemas and underlying objects in a project to generate target database DDL for a subset of selected object types. Additionally, instead of a single DDL SQL file being created for download, a zip archive is created, which contains separate files for each selected object type, as well as consolidated scripts for the project and the selected schemas.
EnhancementAdded a new repair handler, ERH-3005, to transform Q quoted strings to either dollar quoted or E quoted strings.
EnhancementEnhanced the ERH-2078 repair handler to apply pipelined specific transformations at the package header level.
EnhancementUpdated the ERH-2034 repair handler so that it removes NULL from the TYPE definition provided inside a PACKAGE.
Security fixUpgraded the async, eventsource, h2, jsdom, and moment libraries to the latest versions to address security issues (CVE-2021-43138, CVE-2022-1650, CVE-2022-23221, CVE-2021-42392, CVE-2021-20066, and CVE-2022-31129).
Bug fixFixed a corner case that resulted in the skipping of some indexes when processing source Oracle DDL files generated using the Oracle Data Pump utilities.
Bug fixFixed the behavior where only the ENABLE keyword was being removed from the ENABLE NOVALIDATE clause in ALTER TABLE statements so that the complete clause is now removed. Also, updated the relevant repair handlers ERH-2003 and ERH-2005.
Bug fixFixed a synchronization thread issue that was impacting the performance of other assessments running in parallel with a long-running schema assessment.
Bug fixFixed an issue where the DEDUPLICATE LOB clause in CREATE TABLE statements that are generated by the Oracle Data Pump utilities resulted in DDL parsing related errors.